about-conifer-Hugh Collins

Hello, I’m Hugh and welcome to Conifer, an outdoor lifestyle blog. What exactly is an ‘outdoor lifestyle blog’? Hmm…. I’m not too sure to be honest! There will be some recipes, tips on foraging, reviews of outdoor gear and books, plus some travel pieces from my adventures in the UK and beyond. In short, I’m hoping to write a blog that I would like to read myself, and I hope that you’ll like it too. I’ve set myself the goal of making 2018 my Year of Adventure. A year in which I get outside more, become more active and start to tick things off my ever-growing bucket list.

Here’s a little more about me…

Favourite destinations: Norway, where I will one day live in a cabin in the woods, and Marrakech – just a brilliant, frantic, frenetic city.

Where am I off to next: Scotland’s west coast for a week of sea kayaking, then hopefully Colorado and Utah in the autumn, plus hoping to sneak in a weekend in the Peak District soon too.

Do I do this full-time?: Unfortunately not (yet), I work in travel PR as the day job (still pretty cool) and I also edit and write for a local food magazine that I set up last year… So I’m pretty busy!

My favourite blogs: